Artful Wellness

I started this blog for a few reasons; I wanted it to be one part Personal Accountability: a way for me to be productive creatively in a consistent and regimented manner and another part Community Accountability: I wanted to share important information and resources with the people I love and care for, known and unknown.

I believe artists are responsible for their communities and should work to educate the people however they see fit. Because health and wellness are subjects I am extremely passionate about, much of this blog will include information about how to live a better, more holistically sound life (with artful illustrations and photographs I created because I do believe that information is absorbed more effectively when presented in a creative and engaging manner). My personal components of a holistically sound life include:

1. Surrounding yourself with sensory beauty. This one is a BIG one for me. I truly believe that self care starts with whatever we look at when you first wake up in the morning. Things like color, scents, geometry. If we make our homes into a sanctuary (no matter what your capacity... whether it's buying fresh flowers every week, or assembling a faux bouquet at the local discount store) you prepare your spirit for whatever happens when you walk out of the door. Sensory beauty also involves everything you do. Where do you go? What activities you participate in? Do you check out the free concerts your favorite underground band having? Do you go to free Fridays at the museum? Consciously choosing to do beautiful things, magically MAKES your world beautiful.

2. Nourishing your body with healthful foods and plant medicines. It's no secret that you are what you eat, no matter how cliche` that sounds. But did you know you are what your grandparents ate? We (and future grands, apparently) are everything we put into our bodies and in order to take charge of our health and that of our lineage, we have to implement small steps every day towards being more intentional about what's on our plates. Plus, your food can potentially starve cancer cells!

3. Making physical activity a priority. Even if it's walking for 20 minutes daily to start, moving your body is essential to more than just trimming your waistline. It has many benefits from regenerating brain cells to making you happier.

4. Taking care of your mind. Mental health (or the lack of) is a subject I feel our society needs to spend more time on. There are many ways to preserve your mental health, including meditation, singing in groups  (I know!) and reading (I personally make it a rule to make the media I take in adhere to the 70:30 rule which I made up. All that means is that I expose myself to all that is uplifting, healing, and inspiring most. I still take time to keep informed about the ills of the world, but it is important that I make the majority of the content I consume that which fills me up, recharges my battery).

I am by no means an expert, but I will make it a point to provide credible sources for you to begin your own research. There will be no body or food shaming here. I believe that the road to health is irregular and there is no uniform end goal in mind. It is about whatever can help make your journey easier, makes you feel better in your body, challenges you to make more informed decisions and eases your spirit a bit in the process. I hope to assist in that.