When will my purchase be shipped?

I’m not sure! This is a one woman, counter capitalism operation. I also travel quite frequently. To top it off, the post office makes me anxious, so I try to wait until I have a good amount of orders before I go. Most people who get a package from me end up messaging me to say that it came exactly at the right time and that it was worth the wait. I trust in that way of moving. It’s also not a full-time job yet. I am an artist that sells art, but I am not a salesman or a corporation. I am not interested in competing with amazon (unless I start making enough money from this to hire an assistant to help with shipping). I move according to my life. Sometimes, I will ship the day I get it. Other times it may even take a month. While I am grateful for your support, if this is not okay with you, please do not purchase from me <3

I always send a notification when I have shipped the item. If after 30 days, you didn’t receive one, please feel free to message me. If you have received notice of shipment and your item has not arrived after a week, message me as well!

I sell at all events, so if you do not want to buy online, it’s okay! Come see me in person in a city near you!

Refunds and exchanges?

I accept exchanges or refunds on undamaged and unworn items depending on the item! Contact me.

If your item arrives, and you are unsatisfied in any way, please let me know! It is very important to me that you love every item you receive, so I will try my best to fix it if I can.

I love you and thank you for supporting my art.