There are many things you can do to support my mission!

  • Share my work with a friend you think will resonate.

  • Book me for readings and workshops at your organization, high school or college. Click here.

  • Connect me with community partnerships you think will be fruitful

  • Send me a love note { }. It’s always nice to know some one is listening while you shout into the void.

If you’d like to provide fiscal assistance, but don’t want to purchase from my shop, you can do so below.

Your donation will help provide

  • free/low income slots for workshops

  • funding for free community events

  • assistance in purchasing art and workshop supplies

  • help me with a screen printing studio membership so I can make all the beautiful things until I open a space of my own

  • funding for my 10 year goal of creating a Community Arts and Ecology Center/Studio


$65 = A one day screen printing studio membership

$200 = A one week screen printing studio membership

$375 = A one month screen printing studio membership