On Unfolding

Center yourself in the certainty of your unfolding.

I’d like to think that the earth has a particular kind of order. Encoded within the seed is the 144 foot, 300 year old Willow tree. The caterpillar will one day have wings. We came to this earth with our final form inside of us. With our dreams to be the best version of ourselves possible in this lifetime. We will do that with the right nurturing. The acorn needs the soil and water. The caterpillar must nourish itself with enough leaves to sustain itself during its time spent in dormancy- stuck in what looks like suspension, a stillness, immobility, but is actually transformation. Trust that the final form you imagine is possible if you are willing to nourish the seeds. If you are willing to fill yourself with the right fuel for the periods of shifting form (even when to other people it may look like you have regressed). Hold close this knowing you have within you, that everything you dream yourself to be (not the dreams you’ve been conditioned into or the ones you’ve inherited from the pressures of others, but the one you came with, encoded in your cellular makeup) already is if you are willing to go where the light is. If you are willing to do the nourishing work. If you can withstand the tyranny of time.