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There are 10,000 species of birds on this planet. There are 10,000 different kinds of mushrooms. 750 species of butterflies. 400,000 varieties of flowers. All around us are the divine reflections of  beauty in excess. One might think its frivolous to have so many flowers. But we live on an earth where there is purpose beyond utility. Where utility and beauty are married. 750 different kinds of butterflies? Really? At times, I made up the lie that the world doesn’t need another poet. There are so many good ones already. The world doesn’t need me to make this thing in this way. There are already millions of other ways to make it. And I realize that this belief is a byproduct of industrialization and colonization. Because there are factories whose sole purpose is to make 100,000 completely identical things. Because we can walk outside of our doors and it is possible to look around and see blocks and blocks of identical buildings. When you see a thing day after day, year after year, your mind acclimates itself to the repetition. One may even begin to think it is natural. We have to remember it is the way of the natural to have variation. Wild things grow in excess, in abundance, and in variation. Because we know this, we can also know that creativity is natural. It is not only natural, it is common and it is sacred. Anyone who does not believe they are creative are those who do not believe that they are natural. Are out of alignment with the natural order. We must find ways to nurture, revive and grow our creativity until it becomes part of our nature again. Everything that exists first began with an idea. Every society that exists first begins with an idea. We cannot become what we cannot imagine. And so it is vital.