Collaborator 020: Vishuddha


Last year, I met Thomas Rapsey of Staying Underground, and he was the most beautiful spirit. He encouraged me to try making a mix for his Collaborator Series, and although I had never made an official MUSIC MIX with my exclusive DJ CREDENTIALS (because that’s kinda what I felt like I needed to release a mix, like who am I, you know? haha), I went for it because it sounded like fun. I like doing fun things. I love music. What could go wrong?

I worked on it for hours and hours until I felt the arrangement was right. When I listened back, I felt a bit nervous releasing it to the world, but after a really inspiring conversation with Thomas, he reminded me that this small project is not ME. Not even close. It is just something I did at a period of time. It wasn’t supposed to stand as the Official Representative of Giselle Buchanan’s artistic integrity, music mix street cred (cuz I have lots of street cred already obviously), and talent as an artist and NO ONE should be silly enough to look at it in this way.

Oftentimes, I don’t share what I make because I put so much pressure on these small works to do just that: be the Official Representative of everything I have to offer creatively. It isn’t fair to the spirit in which I made them… that of experimentation, expression and play. It also isn’t fair to ME because it can be stifling and encourages stagnancy.

If everything you make and share has to stand as a holistic spokesman,  how often are you going to want to learn something new? Take a risk? How many people does that block you from connecting with through the art?

I have decided to share more of myself (this blog is a result of that decision). Nothing is finished and nothing encapsulates all I have to offer to this world. That being said, a lot of it is pretty interesting. Interesting seems like enough.