Let's Wander: DMV Edition


For the new year, my goal has been to make more of an adventure out of life. I am a wanderer in spirit, but I don't always have a couple thousand dollars and a few weeks off to take trips around the world. I also don't enjoy falling into patterns and carrying out the same routine every day. I decided that to remedy this, once a month, I'd take a staycation.


What's a staycation? It's a mini trip with a lot less pressure. It is going to visit friends in another city for the four day weekend you have off. It's a field trip around your neighborhood, taking streets you've never walked down and seeing what your town has to offer. It's the train stop you've never gotten off at... seeing what happens. It's eating at the establishments given rave reviews on Yelp.


Anything can be a staycation and I have found that the joy we seek is, more often than not,  just a new way of looking. Seeing old things from a different angle. You do not have to hike up Machu Picchu for a month to be an explorer of your immediate world (although, if  you are ANYTHING like me, it's only a matter of time before you DO!).

My first destination was to visit my friend Ninon, who I had the honor of connecting deeply with when we were volunteering and living in tents in the woods at a place called The Omega Institute in 2013. I have found a kindred spirit in her, but I have also found a 4.5 hour bus ride separating us. It is no surprise that I was welcomed and nurtured in her home. It is no surprise that it actually WASN'T a big deal; that there was no reason it took me so long to go on this journey.


I spent about $50 roundtrip from New York to D.C. and had such a beautiful time.

The point is, you don't have to pay $400 for a plane ticket to expand your view.


Consequently, however, I feel that when we make our waking lives a small adventure, we become more liberated in our search for joy and likely to take a chance on those bigger ones.

I will be sharing the results of these experiments in exploration here!

Won't you journey with me? Share all the magic you find.