One of my greatest goals is to help save the Planet. Deforestation, climate change, pollution, and the extinction of our animal allies is important to me because our fight for equality won’t matter if there isn’t a place to be equal on. I decided to launch an initiative bridging the worlds of arts and ecology, to empower the next generation of youth who will inherit the Earth (and the adults who raise them). This will be the first part of a 10 year plan to open up a Community Arts and Ecology Center! Hopefully, it happens sooner.

Sign up using this form if you are interested in joining me for the climate justice community projects I’m building for Summer 2019 and beyond. There will be days of planting trees, helping the bees, group workouts, DIY Crafts with plastic sessions, workshops, connecting communities of color with local produce and much more. I hope to make this a mobile event and take it to different cities.

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Help me help the world:

Donate water to send to Flint

Donate water jugs for families at Flint

Help deforestation by donating to plant trees

Buy local Non Gmo, organic produce from Farmers of Color as much as you can (according to your financial ability)